Awards Granted 2016

Recipient Project Name Amount Granted
Krystal Studlar  Additional emergent reader books $ 2270.74
Kristin Gerth  Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve field trip 560.00
Hope Murphy  GW Dyslexia Reading Tool for Independent Reading 794.95
Kim Steelhammer  10 AlphaBetter standing school desks 2,319.50
Winnie Johnson  5 classroom sets of Bouncy Bands 1,100.75
Kim Steelhammer  TAME Traveling Trailblazers science museum on wheels 1,850.00
Lori Katzfey  Newbery and Caldecott books replace worn books + expand digital library 5,000.00
Julie Blackwell Edlin  Motion Magix Pro Lifetime License 3,200.00
Kristin Gerth  CC Museum of Science and History field trip 960.00
Ellie Jimerson  additonal technological equipment 4,384.93
Tracy Williams  additional technological equipment 4,384.93
Pennie Blevins  additional technological equipment 4,384.93
Roberta Wallace  additional technological equipment 4,384.93
Ellie Jimerson  Document Camera (reading class) 724.95
Tracy Williams  Document Camera (ELA Class) 724.95
Allison Hicks  Laptop Cart 3,374.90
Janis Yuhas  Sewing Machines and Cabinets 4,862.95
Bridget Emerson  Mimio Documents Camera & Pads 4,463.60
Kristin Stewart  13th Student Legislative Sessions Trip 1,561.00
Glenda Locke  Biotechnology Equipment & Kits 7,983.00
Natalie Carroll  2016 National Leadership Conference (FCCLA) 4,400.00
Flo Moore  BPA National Leadership Conference 3,000.00
Glenda Locke  Conf for advancement for Science Teachers Employee Development x 4 2,672.00
Kenneth Zeigler  Mobile Observatory 7,495.00
Kenneth Zeigler  TARC Rocketry Nat Trip 4,500.00
Matt Posey  FFA Convention 2,500.00
  additional funds to Ag Program 2,500.00
Letha Thompson  Calculators for DEAP Students 603.05
Total $86,961.06
Flex Fund Grants
Loretta Fiest Mimeo View Camera $699.00
Aubrie Ryherd UIL Computer Science Material 250.00
Glenda Locke 12th Student Legislative Session 1,208.00
Marlana Mauer &
Lisa Lopez
2016 Conference for TX
1st Grade Teachers
Jeannie Kesler 2016 Pan American Student Forum Spanish Club 1,000.00
Mandy Becker &
Sarah Copeland
2016 TX Kindergarden Teachers Conf 1,144.94
Total Flex Fund   $5,667.94